Club DJ Hire Sydney

Do you need a Club DJ hire sydney for your Nightclub or party venue in Sydney?

TJ Your Mobile DJ also supplies DJs to Clubs, Pubs and Bars. Our DJs range in experience from 8-10 years and we have been supplying Club DJs in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs over the last 25 years. We have a variety of music including Electro, 80s funk, R n B, Pop, chart music etc. We can also tailor music to suit your venue. We ONLY charge $300 for 2, 3 or 4 hours. After that we charge $330 for 5 hours and $380 for 6 hours.

We will also market your business on our website for FREE which is currently receiving 2000 hits per week. We will also market your business on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages for FREE!

As far as payment is concerned we normally invoice all our clients after the event. Payment is required the following week after the event. Check out our sample mixes from our top Nightclub DJs including DJ Nav, DJ Rick, DJ Dave and DJ Master Blaster:

DjNav Mini Mix- June / July 2012 by f1075382869

Party Hard Super Saturday night mix by Tjyourmobiledj on Mixcloud

TJ Your Mobile DJ in the mix by Tjyourmobiledj on Mixcloud

DJ Master Blaster and the Electro mix by Tjyourmobiledj on Mixcloud

18th Birthday Party Mix with DJ Master Blaster by Tjyourmobiledj on Mixcloud

This is the type of premium service we offer, talk to Dave today to discuss what we can offer your Club, Pub or Bar.

We can also supply a team of DJs for a period of up to 7 hours playing any type of music including retro, R n B, electro etc. You name it we play it to suit your venue. We will charge $850 per night for this service. Any time over 7 hours will be charged at the rate of $100 per hour. (2 DJs supplied)

Get in touch with Dave from TJ Your Mobile DJ today on 1300631842 or email us on