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At TJ Your Mobile DJ, we have a range of karaoke, karaoke machine hire, jukebox hire, jukebox hire sydney and jukeboxes for hire in Sydney. These machines are the perfect way to bring a real party atmosphere to any event whether it is a wedding, 18th or 21st birthday, or an engagement. The jukebox┬áhire Sydney are the best quality you will find anywhere. We have taken the time to organise and load them with a truly staggering range of music. Each jukebox contains a whopping 2500 music videos for your guests to enjoy, 6000 audio tracks as well as over 600 great karaoke tracks. We can guarantee that, with a huge selection like this, there will be something to suit everyone’s taste. Every guest is sure to have a great time at your event. At TJ Your Mobile DJ, we pride ourselves on the great customer service we offer. We take the time to make sure all our equipment is constantly updated, as well as compatible with the latest technology. We also take the time to update the database of songs on the jukeboxes we hire, karaoke machine hire and jukebox hire out to ensure that they contain all the latest tracks and most current music. To really amaze your guests, attach one of our jukeboxes to a TV and play the clips on a big screen. It is sure to make a big impact, and we can guarantee your guests will love it. All the jukebox hire Sydney are extremely easy to use, even if you aren’t at all tech-savvy. With such a huge database of songs, it is crucial that we make them as easily accessible as possible to anyone using the machines. That is why we have made the menu easy for anyone to use. The jukeboxes are also operated via touch screen, eliminating the need for any fiddly remotes and ensuring you can keep partying hard all night long. These units also come equipped with great sound and lighting and two microphones, adding some excitement and flair to your party. We are confident that everyone will love our jukebox units and they are guaranteed to have your guests partying hard. We believe in keeping out prices highly affordable and competitive for this amazing piece of equipment. Make every event you organise a success and hire out one of our jukeboxes in Sydney today.   For more information please contact us on 1300 275 478 or email us at [email protected].   Jukeboxes for Hire SydneyKaraoke Digital Jukeboxes for Hire Sydney