Photobooth Hire in Bankstown

Photobooth Hire in Bankstown

Organising any event is no mean feat. It’s why you start planning it well in advance and look for ways and means to add some interesting touches that will keep your guests entertained. We at TJ Your Mobile DJ have now made this task far easier for you. Our excellent Photobooth Hire in Bankstown services have become an instant hit since the time we have launched them. Today, most of our customers ask for his booth hire as part of our DJ hire packages. It’s a great way to add the fun quotient to the event.

Add a fun factor to your event

Many people that are planning to organise an event wonder whether Photobooth Hire in Bankstown is really such a great idea and whether anyone will actually want to use it. After all, everyone takes photos via their smartphones now, don’t they? While that may be the case, our experience in this matter has been entirely different. When our customers get to know of our photo booth hire services, they are immediately intrigued.  Everyone has taken photos in a booth at some time or the other and it’s very natural for people to take quirky and fun pictures there. The minute you choose to add a booth or two to your event, you will see the enjoyment start to roll. At first, only a few people move to the booth to get their photos taken; but the minute the rest of the guests notice what a fun time the group is having, getting their photos with different backdrops, everyone starts gravitating towards the booth. Before long you will find that your guests are having a fabulous time taking quirky and crazy pictures.

Why opt for our Photobooth Hire in Banks town?

This simply means, there will be no dull moment at your event and all your guests will have a fantastic time, right through the event. We have always tried to things differently. It’s why we keep adding to our range of services and our Photobooth Hire in Banks town is one of the latest additions. Take a look at what you get when you hire a booth from us:
  • You can choose from different materials and machines
  • All the booths are outfitted with high definition cameras and you get excellent quality prints
  • There are LED light fixtures in the booth which help keep a steady lighting condition for the best photos
  • The booths are made of metal and are sturdily built and your guests can easily take all those group photos they want
  • There are a number of backdrops and backgrounds to choose from such as raindrops, snowballs, twinkling lamps and lights etc
If you need Photobooth Hire in Bankstown at your next event, simply speak with the TJ Your Mobile DJ event hire experts at this number- 02 8035 3449. Tell them when and where you need the booth, and we will ensure it’s delivered to the required location on time. You can also send Dave your queries via this email.