Photobooth Hire in Erskine Park

Photobooth Hire in Erskine Park

As a person that’s organising an event, you like to ensure that all the arrangements are in place and that everything is planned perfectly down to the last detail.  While most people focus on the catering and decorations, lighting, music and seating etc., very few consider any other form of entertainment. However, the fact is that people want much more than predictability of an event or party they are attending.  If you want to add a unique touch to your event and ensure it stays in the minds of your guests for a long time to come, consider contacting TJ Your Mobile DJ  for Photobooth Hire in Erskine Park.

Unlimited entertainment

While many customers opt for our DJ services, many also want some additional entertainment and installing a photobooth at the venue is an excellent way to add gaiety at the event. It’s novel and interesting and people of all ages would like to use it while they are there. It adds an instant fun quotient and helps maintain a lively atmosphere at the party. We are one of the most sought-after Photobooth Hire in Erskine Park providers and know exactly how important this installation can be. We understand that customers want to add something unique and interesting to their event and we recommend that they hire a photobooth. We launched this service some time ago and its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds and many people are now opting for it.

Customised solutions

Since many of our customers also hire DJs from us, we can design packages that include both these services. On the other hand, if you want only Photobooth Hire in Erskine Park, we can provide just that too. Some customers that are organising corporate or office events wonder whether adding a photobooth to it would make a difference. However, we have noticed that all our corporate clients are extremely happy with this service and that their guests enjoyed it thoroughly.  It’s true that a photo booth seems like a very basic addition, but it always creates a great ambience at the party. Your guests will enjoy taking funny and quirky pictures with their friends and its one way of adding the enjoyment factor to your party.

Photobooth Hire in Erskine Park- the features

  • Our photobooths are state-of-the-art, and they all have advanced cameras; this means you get high-grade photo prints every single time.
  • The booths are outfitted with LED lights and these throw a very steady light and create the perfect lighting conditions for taking photos.
  • You will find that the booths have a very sturdy build and  they won’t get  damaged even if a larger group of people are taking pictures all at once
  • There are a large number of backdrops and props to choose from and this adds the fun factor to taking pictures there.
If  you need any more information about the booths and  pricing for Photobooth Hire in Erskine Park,  simply call us  at this number- 02 8035 3449 and speak with the TJ Your Mobile DJ representatives. If you prefer to send us your requirement details through email, use this contact us form.