Photobooth Hire in Manly

Photobooth Hire in Manly

Anyone that is organising an event, big or small takes pains to ensure that every little detail is chalked-out carefully. It’s why people chose their entertainers, music, and decoration, lighting and food with great care. But then sometimes, all of this is too predictable and not too interesting. This is why you need to think of something very different and unique for your event. The one thing that is a sure-shot winner when it comes to entertainment and fun at your party or event is Photobooth Hire in Manly. TJ Your Mobile DJ has been operating in this industry for a very long time, and we are entertainers to the core. But we also recognise that our clients like to add something new to their events; it’s why we offer customised Photo Booth Hire in Manly. Since the time we launched this service, we have noticed a significant increase in the demand for it, and customers from in and around Manly feel that it is a must for their event. Most clients that opt for our DJ hire also ask for our photobooth services and we offer cost-effective packages with these services. If you like, you can also opt for this as a standalone service.

The perfect addition to all types of events

Some people are skeptical about whether Photobooth Hire in Manly is really such a great idea. They feel it’s something that’s more suitable for parties and wonder whether it will have any impact at say, a corporate event. However, every one of our customers that have opted for these services have always come back to us and told us that the photo booth installation was an instant hit at their event. While it may seem like a very simple addition, the fact is that it has a great impact at any event. We have seen people being drawn to it, like moths are attracted to a candle. It becomes the perfect way to take all those quirky and fun pictures that you always want to take with your friends and people you know.  In simple words, a photobooth brings out the child in you. With one of these booths installed at your party or event venue, you will find the fun and enjoyment start to flow.

Photobooth hire – what’s included?

Regardless of how well-planned a party is, there are times when there is a lull in the excitement, and a photobooth becomes the perfect filler in situations like this.  These are the different things you get when you opt for Photobooth Hire in Manly from us:
  • On hire are highly advanced booths that are outfitted with hi-definition cameras, and you are always assured of getting high quality prints.
  • The LED lights on the booths ensure that the lighting conditions in the booth are steady at all times
  • The booths are sturdily constructed and this ensures your guests can have fun taking pictures in groups, without worrying about damaging the booth.
  • We offer a very wide variety of props & backdrops, which means your guests can take many different pictures in multiple settings.
For any more details about our photobooth hire in Manly, do call us at 02 8035 3449.  TJ Your Mobile DJ experts will provide you all the information you need. For queries you want to send us via email, please use this contact us form.