Photobooth Hire in Richmond

Photobooth Hire in Richmond

As the person in charge of planning any party or event, your effort always is to ensure that your guests are entertained and that you stay within budget. The one simple way to do this is to add a photobooth to the event/party venue.  When you opt to hire us for Photo booth Hire in Richmond, you can rest assured that you will receive the best services at pricing that will fit in comfortably into your budget. We at TJ Your Mobile DJ are a company that has worked in a very consistent manner to provide our clients with customized solutions. It’s why we offer excellent DJ hire and photobooth hire packages. But we also have a number of customers asking for our photo booth hire services alone.  When people hear we provide these services, many of them wonder whether anyone at their event or party would really be interested in using a photobooth. Many also tell us that there are going to be no kids at the event.  What most aren’t aware about is that photobooths are great fun, and people of all ages enjoy getting their pictures taken against different backdrops.  The fact that even corporates opt for our Photobooth Hire in Richmond solutions, is proof enough that a photobooth is a great addition for all types of events.

Photobooths- some features

This is one of our most popular services and not only do we provide the actual booth, but also provide an attendant who will help you with taking the pictures you need. Our booths are very sturdily built and are made of metal. This means even a larger number of people can get their pictures taken at one shot, in the booth, and this is what adds to all the gaiety and fun. When you organise any event or party, it’s but natural that your guests will want pictures. That’s one way to relive the fun memories. It’s true that almost everyone carries smartphones nowadays and they can easily just click selfies as and when they like. But there is something very charming about taking pictures in a photobooth.

Why choose us?

There are a number of reasons why people opt for Photobooth Hire in Richmond, from us, such as:
  • It adds a very special touch to your event
  • These booths are very compact in size and fit in well even in the smallest of spaces
  • They are a very versatile installation and a perfect fit in any setting , ranging from birthday parties, engagements, and weddings to large-scale corporate events
  • It’s a very cost-effective option
  • The booths are outfitted with high-def cameras; this ensures the print quality will be very good
  • The booths are all open-air and they all have LED light fixtures. This ensures the lighting conditions are perfect at all times
  • They have 17 inches touch screens that are easy to operate
For any more details about our photobooth hire in Richmond, do call us at 02 8035 3449.  TJ Your Mobile DJ experts will provide you all the information you need. For queries you want to send us via email, please use this contact us form.