Tips to planning a great celebration

So you are looking to plan a milestone birthday (13, 16,22,30, 40,50 etc) or anniversary or maybe even a wedding or company party.  You want this one to be special and not just a simple house party.  So what do you need to do?  Many people do not know the answer to this.  Of course a party planner would be a great solution (if you need one I can refer you to a few great ones) but some people choose to go on with it themselves. If you are a do it yourself’er, here are some tips that will help you in creating a great party.
Venue– When selecting a venue, do not select a room with escapes for your guests (balconies, terraces, outside bars etc.) try to find a room where you can keep everything contained in one room.  You do this so people can’t accidentally seperate themselves from the activities or the celebration.  Otherwise you spend the night playing shepard trying to get everyone back in the room when it’s time to create a memory with a special activity like lighting the birthday cake or toasting or roasting of the night’s VIP.  You also want to make sure there is plenty of room to put the DJ next to the dance  floor since that is where he/she will be working  Otherwise its like seating someone away from their desk at work when there work is at the desk.
Timeline: Timeline development is an important part of the celebration that is very important for getting the guests energized and keeping them engaged in the celebration.  Try to limit the amount of dancing interruptions.  The more times you interrupt the dancing to do an activity, the harder it is to get thedance floor full again.  You should rely heavily on your DJ to help you create a timeline that will keep things moving forward and not bring the event to a sudden stop.
Vendors– Make sure when looking for vendors you hire poople that are professionals.  Just because someone does something for money does not make them a professional.  A true professional will take much of the stress away from you and allow you to act as a guest rather than having you run around and not get a chance to enjoy your celebration.  Sure they will be more expensive but it will be a decision you will be glad of versus regretting.
Follow these step when planning your next event and you will be well on your way to having the greatest celebration ever!